"Miracle" Pushing the Boundaries



We are happy to announce that the song "Miracle (Flower)" that started Gruvlend's big project "Planet Gruvlend!" found approval with authors of previous versions of the song "Les Fleur" which it is based on.


Makers of 2001 version 4Hero, whose arrangement we used as blueprint, published the song on their Facebook profile with their commendations to numerous positive reactions from around the world - http://www.facebook.com/4hero?fref=ts.


We are especially pleased that the author of the original music and lyrics, Richard Rudolph, husband of late Minnie Riperton who first sang "Les Fleur" in 1970, and who became great supporter of  Gruvlend in the meantime, expressed his sincere delight with the song through the following email endorsement:


"I just wanted to state for the record how delighted I am with the Planet Gruvend recording of Les Fleur... translated title: Miracle (Flower). Actually “delighted” is not a strong enough word to describe how excited I am about your version of this song that I wrote with the late, great Charles Stepney many moons ago. It is a very special song for me and I am so happy to report that you and your amazing collection of brilliant and soulful singers and musicians really captured and expressed the universality that lives at the heart of Les Fleur.

I also think it sounds truly great in Serbo-Croatian, which just serves to further demonstrate the power of music to cross all boundaries and reach the hearts of people everywhere no matter the language. Everyone I have played it for absolutely flips over it but also understands the feeling and love conveyed in the music.

I am also completely blown away by the depth of talent in the Serbian musical universe demonstrated in this recording!  I only hope we can find a way to collaborate on many more projects together in the near future. 

Thank you for this beautiful recording. 

Musically yours,

Richard Rudolph"


In the two months of being published song "Miracle/Flower" by various artists of project "Planet Gruvlend!" was viewed more than 50,000 times on our Youtube channel and was downloaded over 4,000 times. The song hit all relevant music charts locally and got attention of many news media.


Song "Miracle/Flower" will be available for free download on our website until the end of February only due to impending strategic changes in the project. Hurry up and get your free copy while you can!