Project Pilot - Single "Miracle (Flower)"


Single "Miracle (Flower)" represents the first and most important song off of the album "Planet Gruvlend!" the release of which marks the beginning of the namesake project. Official release of the song and the accompanying music video is scheduled for 21/12/2012, the day of the alleged Apocalypse and Great Galactic Alignment. Although this date has many negative connotations, within the mythology of our project it is a symbol of the new beginning rather than the end of the world. The idea behind the project managed to gather together, in one song, biggest names on the music scene from its beginning until the present, which these days truly is - a miracle in itself.


The song "Miracle (Flower)" is based on a 1970 Minnie Riperton number "Les Fleur" that was licensed to Gruvlend by Warner Music, and our arrangment adaptation is based on the 2001 version by the British band 4hero.


Video for the song "Miracle (Flower)" was shot in the recording studio on secret location where for twelve intense days all singers and musicians along with the children choir ran the production mill. All these good spirits who flashed in sequence contributed to making the miracle really - happen. Then, cameras went outside and about town to capture culture warriors of trades other than music who each individually, on locations they selected themselves, all together stood behind this appeal for awakening planetary consciousness and a new beginning.