WTF is Planet Gruvlend?

"Planet Gruvlend!" is a unique phenomenon on our music scene in which its most prominent representatives from the late sixties to today are presented to wide audiences in a series of interdisciplinary events over six months, starting on the alleged day of the Apocalypse 21/12/2012 and culminating with a music spectacle scheduled for 21/06/2013, the World Music Day.


The basic idea of project "Planet Gruvlend!" is exchange of experience of established aces of the scene with the energy of younger, up and coming artists, captured on the concept album of the same name, which calls for awakening of planetary consciousness and a new way of thinking.


 Planeta Gruvlend!

Artwork by Mladen Penev -


Through the prism of various music genres that represent the world's musical heritage, this project follows the development of our culture and society over time, and every song on the album reflects a certain epoch and is a product of collaboration of artists performing together for the first time.


In addition to being motivational, this project has broad cultural significance because it tells the story of development of popular music, as well as society in Serbia and the region, specifically Belgrade as its center. Underlying music thread of this entire project is groove, a unique danceable element in popular music, and as such, fundamental criterion that each participant must meet.