Season Two - The Rise and Fall of Radio Gruvlend on B92


In just eight episodes (out of which number seven was never recorded or was deleted from archives, while the last one, number eight, was just a tracklist) radio Gruvlend crew with Silent Niche who speechlessly watched over social networks during the show, and the rest from band Zemlja Gruva who helped him select tracks and chattered about light topics, and who were later on further joined by Moustache Nesh, did their second season 2010/11 of the radio show, this time not in the form of a radio drama but a standard afternoon talk-radio. How popular was the show is probably best described by the length of time it ran on radio B92 airwaves, nevertheless leaving indelible mark on the quest for groove and its definition that Radio Gruvlend started in its first season on internet radio NRBG. Check it out, particularly - the music selection.