CD "WTF is Gruvlend?"


First release Gruvlend GR001 Zemlja Gruva "WTF is Gruvlend?"
Limited release, mastered, + 2 bonus tracks + lyrics  


After two and a half years of free download from over 40,000 mp3 versions of Zemlja gruva's debut album went to computers, smart phones, digital players and memory sticks! We close the chapter of history of Gruvlend as the first label to offer free download of the entire release in Serbia.

VIDEO "Zemlja gruva - U opasnosti (final cut)" in HD

Written, directed and edited by: Jovan Joca Jovanović


U opasnosti - final single from the debut album "WTF is Gruvlend?" by Belgrade's band Zemlja gruva represents simultaneously their New Year's Greeting. The message of the song is not in the usual spirit of Chrismas, but rather in the spirit of the times ahead of us, the year marked as Apocalyptic, and also election year in Serbia.


The video was made in collaboration with Jovan Joca Jovanović, legendary Yugoslavian and Serbian film director. The video was made using sequences from the film "Mlad i zdrav kao ruža" and was edited by the author himself to the music and lyrics of Zemlja gruva. The video and song combined to create new context and depth. 


Jovan Joca Jovanović, "enfant terrible" of Yugoslav cinematography with only one feature film managed to break all the taboos of socialist society and show that it is possible to make a brave and sincere work of art that pushes boundaries even in the authoritarian system. The film that, according to critics, represents "a slap in the face of conventions", Joca Jovanović depicts the underworld in the seventies and builds the portrait of antihero who becomes the model for everything that we had to live through during the nineties and the consequences of which we still feel today.


This Greeting comes in the very last moment, 5 minutes to midnight of the last day of the year in which we celebrate 40 years since the film was released and which highlights the message:
"... do something to make this world a better place, now!"



Season Two - The Rise and Fall of Radio Gruvlend on B92


In just eight episodes (out of which number seven was never recorded or was deleted from archives, while the last one, number eight, was just a tracklist) radio Gruvlend crew with Silent Niche who speechlessly watched over social networks during the show, and the rest from band Zemlja Gruva who helped him select tracks and chattered about light topics, and who were later on further joined by Moustache Nesh, did their second season 2010/11 of the radio show, this time not in the form of a radio drama but a standard afternoon talk-radio. How popular was the show is probably best described by the length of time it ran on radio B92 airwaves, nevertheless leaving indelible mark on the quest for groove and its definition that Radio Gruvlend started in its first season on internet radio NRBG. Check it out, particularly - the music selection.  

Season One - Radio Gruvlend NRBG Beginnings


Radio Gruvlend was conceived as a little team building exercise Nesh came up with to organize band members of Zemlja Gruva who were working on their debut album to try and start finishing things up. What they managed to finish up every week became an hour-long radio show in the form of a radio drama where the only subject was groove and its elusive definition. Gruvlend declared independence and seceded from the rest of the world and mandated visas for entry. There was only one qualifying condition - that the invited guest's work has - groove.


The newly formed banana state soon got its functionaries - Zoe Kida became Minister of Groove, Konstrakta - Mother of Groove, MC Milovan took the role of President of Gruvlend, Perica became President's Assistant (and left hand), Shobaya - Prime Minister of Gruvlend's puppet Government, Niche naturally took on the role of Chief of Propaganda while Nesh, recently arrived from afar, was left with the position of High Commissioner for Gruvlend.


Sessions of the expanded Government of Gruvlend, as they were internally referred to, were recorded and turned into radio shows that for three months during winter of 2009/10 entertained listeners Thursdays at midnight on internet radio New Radio BelGrade. Additionally, every participant put together their 60 minute long playlist to complement the show and the DJ/selector was rotated every week. That is how Radio Gruvlend phenomenon came to be, ran its first season on the internet and then moved to terrestrial radio B92 in the next season.